Passive investing

Jason Orthman

Most broad-based equity indices around the world predominately comprise mature, old-world industrial businesses, highly geared companies including banks, low quality commodity-based businesses, capital intensive businesses and speculative stocks. For many of these companies the long-term return on capital and organic revenue growth outlook is modest at best. This low-quality equity... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Whether or not active managers add value after fees, over the full economic cycle, has been a widely contested topic in investment circles for many decades. However, as we illustrate in the report below, the fact is that active management works in Australia. The average active manager surveyed outperformed the... Show More

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Chad Slater

The Morphic Perspectives Series is designed to highlight topics and subject matter that we think is particularly relevant to investors and then provide a more in-depth analysis on those topics that goes further than our regular blog posts. This quarters piece looks at the rise of passive investment strategies and... Show More