Marcus Padley

After a 17.33% rally in the ASX 200 since Christmas Eve and an RSI sell signal on the ASX 200 this morning and with May 1st being tomorrow, it is a pretty obvious call to say “Sell in May and Go Away”, yet again. I have written about the “Sell... Show More

Marcus Tuck

The S&P 500 Index has finished lower in September more than any other month, or 55% of the time, for an average return of negative 1.01% according to Dow Jones Data Group. Their seasonality chart reproduced below shows the average monthly returns for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P... Show More

Callum Thomas

Following on from the popular post on the seasonal turning point for the VIX last week, here's an insight into seasonality for the S&P500. The chart shows 2017 superimposed on the historical average price movement across the year, and it looks like a fairly decent fit, with the implication being... Show More

Callum Thomas

This week's S&P500 #ChartStorm (see my Twitter account: ) covers the series of down trend lines in the market internals i.e. breadth and sentiment - the logical conclusion of which would be a deeper and broader market correction. But I also cover a series of bullish pickings and explain... Show More

A good place to start deciphering the share markets at present is the seasonal pattern in shares. Typically the period from May that we have just come through is the weakest period of the year. The September quarter has lived up to its reputation as being poor for shares with... Show More