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Ben Griffiths: High conviction small cap investing

Livewire Exclusive

In March 2017 Ben Griffiths found himself in a deeply uncomfortable position. For the first time since inception 15 years ago his small cap portfolio was badly lagging the benchmark. Sentiment had violently swung against his stocks and Griffiths was facing a tough decision – hold the current course or... Show More

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The New Criterion: is there value in Mortgage Choice?

Tim Boreham

With Mortgage Choice joining the casualty list of high-profile franchised operations, investors are pondering just how low the mortgage broker’s shares can go following reports of a looming franchisee revolt. Show More

small caps ASX:MOC ASX:AFG mortgage brokers

The New Criterion: Quickstep should be flying high as Sensera rounds up the cows

Tim Boreham

Quickstep Holdings (QHL) 7.5c: Quickstep’s recently-appointed CEO gives a succinct explanation for why shares in the Bankstown Airport based carbon composites maker are trading at close to record lows. Show More

small caps ASX:SE1 ASX:QHL

The New Criterion: listed brokers change their spots

Tim Boreham

Aside from the hoary old one about bellhops imparting share tips, the sure-fire sign of an impending bear market is when stockbrokers seek a public listing to share the dubious love. Show More

small caps ASX:BFG ASX:PNI asx:ed1 asx:ezl asx:swf listed brokers

What’s keeping fund managers up at night?

Buy Hold Sell

There is an endless list of risks for investors to consider. But if we acted on every one of them, we’d never stay invested. To help isolate the key risks to consider in the current market, we asked two fund managers what's keeping them up at night right now. Ben... Show More

risk bond yields small caps US rate hikes

On the crest of a uranium wave?

Tim Boreham

The paradox of the current uranium market is that the more the major producers curtail output because of a stubbornly low price for the commodity, the higher the hopes of a recovery. Show More

uranium small caps ASX:SLX ASX:BKY asx:pen ASX:VMY asx:bmn asx:tow

The Rules of Investing: Low-risk, high-return investing

Livewire Exclusive

Higher returns require higher risk and volatility… Or at least, that’s what finance theory would tell us. Is it possible to ‘have your cake and eat it too’? Callum Burns, Portfolio Manager of the SG Hiscock ICE Fund clearly thinks so, and he’s got the track record to back it... Show More

small caps ASX:IMF ASX:TPM Podcast ASX:LIC

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks in the sweet spot

Buy Hold Sell

They say big things come in small packages, but nowhere is that truer than in small stocks. These small companies offer the possibility of big returns, but that often comes at the price of higher volatility. In this week’s episode of Buy Hold Sell, David Allingham from Eley Griffiths Group... Show More

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The New Criterion: Keating's pooled development funds live on

Tim Boreham

A handful of Paul Keating era pooled development funds survive as listed companies. Two of them – Authorised Investment Fund and Acrux – have taken measures to revive their fortunes so that investors one day may enjoy the full benefits of the PDF structure. Show More

small caps ASX:ACR ASX:AIY pooled development funds

Small caps: Upgrades are coming

Buy Hold Sell

When we last spoke to Andrew Smith from Perennial Value Management and David Allingham from Eley Griffiths Group, small caps were coming off the back of a period of underperformance. It’s a different story now, with the Small Ordinaries rallying hard in the back half of 2017. But are attractive... Show More

mining small caps microcaps ASX:IGO ASX:WHC ASX:IDX ASX:HUO

The New Criterion: the real stock tapping the infant formula boom

Tim Boreham

Clover Corp has been a big winner from the China-led boom in infant formula, but by supplying a key ingredient rather than the end product. Meanwhile, other dairy suppliers have refused to follow the herd and are diversifying into goat’s milk. Show More

China small caps ASX:AHF ASX:CLV ASX:WHA ASX:BUB infant formula

The New Criterion: a fresh approach to the Witwatersrand gold rush

Tim Boreham

Gold miner West Wits has turned its focus from the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya to South Africa’s famed Witwatersrand region. Meanwhile, the revived Kingrose Mining is out to prove that ASX listed miners can do business in Indonesia. Show More

gold small caps ASX:KRM asx:wwi

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The New Criterion: how to tap Tasmania's economic boom

Tim Boreham

The previous basket case Tasmania is in the midst of an unlikely economic boom. Here’s a (two) heads-up on how to gain an ASX exposure Show More

small caps MYS:ASX AWY:ASX

The New Criterion: blockchain's likely ASX winners and losers

Tim Boreham

According to someone more boned up on the topic than your columnist, self-executing digital contracts have been around since at least 1994 - when Paul Keating still ruled the land with his colourful invective. Show More

Growth vs Value in Australian Small Caps

Naheed Rahman

Growth vs value is a well-documented discussion in stock investing. It describes two fundamental approaches or styles to investing where in a basic sense, the growth approach seeks to invest in companies that exhibit strong growth characteristics (whether this be in the sales, earnings and/or cash flow of a company),... Show More

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Biotech stocks: the animal spirits are back

Tim Boreham

The head of one mid-sized ASX biotech play recently told an industry forum that after a quiet 2017 for global takeover activity in the pharmaceutical sector, Trump’s tax cuts would fire up activity this year. Show More

biotech small caps ASX:VLA ASX:1AD

The New Criterion: two alternative exposures to the commodities recovery

Tim Boreham

There are more ways to gain exposure to commodities than buying the miners themselves. Here are two alternatives Show More

small caps ASX:K2F ASX:ZEN

The New Criterion: two gambling exposures worth a punt

Tim Boreham

Lottery ticket reseller Jumbo took the right decision to align itself with traditional partner Tatts Group rather than aggressive challenger Lottoland. Meanwhile, digital promotions house OtherLevels believes that a clamp on wagering advertising will be good for business Show More

small caps ASX:JIN ASX:OLV

An old world stock with new world upside

Steve McCarthy

At a time when so many investors are focused on technology and growth, it is understandable why the market is less interested in a seemingly old-economy company like Joyce Corporation Limited (ASX:JYC). Joyce’s origins go back over 130 years, and at one point was Australia’s largest foam and furniture manufacturer,... Show More

value investing small caps micro caps ASX:JYC Joyce

How to pick a cracking small cap

Livewire Exclusive

With around 8,000 small caps to choose from around the globe, narrowing down that universe is a key part of successfully investing in this area. Edward Rosenfeld, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Global Small Cap Fund, says there are four essential elements that they consider when assessing a potential investment.... Show More

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