Gavin Wendt

Gold’s best friends at the present time are the world’s debt-addicted central bankers. Like a bunch of stimulant-addicted athletes looking for their next high, the world’s central bankers have become hugely dependent on stimulus. What started out as a means post the GFC to avoid international economic catastrophe, has now... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

In China the equity markets continue their unprecedented rally, as the Shanghai Composite pushes toward 4500 points. In just eight months the index is up 102%. Share turnover is also hitting records with some $250 billion per day when combining the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. This sudden rally has also... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Next week is crunch time for the USDJPY. On Wednesday the US FOMC updates its assessment of monetary policy, and on Thrusday the Bank of Japan (BOJ) releases updated economic forecasts. Either event on its own could cause the USDJPY to break out of its sideways pattern. Max McKegg, managing... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

Unsurprisingly, majority of the questions are recently around the depressed IronOre sector, in particular, FMG. Unfortunately, investors prefer to buy falling stocks as opposed to ones at highs, which has a negative correlation to performance. A few thoughts crossed my mind over the weekend that made me want to clarify... Show More

Livewire Equities

Further rate cuts no saviour for domestic cyclicals. Although still in its infancy, 2015 has so far been a frenetic one for central banks around the world, in what has been a series of synchronised (but not co-ordinated) monetary easings. Central banks in Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Canada and Peru have... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

There is no doubt that whenever financial markets get a sense that the Chinese authorities are poised to apply more stimulus to stabilise and boost growth that a positive market reaction is assured. However, the key for investors is to determine whether China's recent growth moderation is cyclical or structural.... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

It seems that markets cannot get enough of regional central banks and their stimulus drug and when one supplier says there is no more, they look around for someone else to provide the supply. As such, US sharemarkets are at all-time highs and European debt is at all time lows.... Show More