Steven Glass

CME, the world’s largest derivative exchange, has sustainable competitive advantages, high incremental margins, is highly free cash flow generative, and has an attractive growth outlook. It is the type of business that we would like to hold forever. Show More

John Garrett

The world’s great investors all know that if you’re looking for great potential investments, then the one place to start is in the stocks that are owned by investors that you both know and respect, and that have a demonstrated track record of success. In fact, it’s a method espoused... Show More

Dean Fergie

Companies in the IPO phase are often mispriced at issue. They are rarely independently researched, there is often little knowledge of the business, finances and management, and there is certainly no efficient pricing history. These factors all contribute to market inefficiencies which can be a real source of opportunity (and,... Show More

Andrew Smith

We first heard of Acrow (ACF) many years ago before it was listed, when researching listed competitor GCS. This was before the east coast infrastructure boom, and thus the business was struggling and capital deprived under private equity ownership. Despite that, there were several corporates interested in acquiring the assets... Show More

James Tayler

The listed Indian banking sector comprises three very different types of lenders. The “private sector” banks, such as IndusInd, are growing aggressively at the expense of the “public sector” banks which are suffering the consequences of bad lending. Most recently, a “non-bank lender”, IL&FS, defaulted on its debt causing significant... Show More

Greig Bryson

For Livewire's Stocktoberfest, we nominate healthcare stock, Philips. Being parsimonious Scots, we appreciate ‘value for money’ and like it when demand growth for our stocks is supported by this consideration too. We’ve been investing in healthcare cost-cutters for a while, and see Philips as a great example. Show More