Anthony Kavanagh

People that know me know that I love a burger. If it doesn’t work out for me as an investor it has been suggested − that with my list of 74 burger joints sampled throughout Melbourne − I may have to fall back on a career as a... Show More

Nathan Bell

After eight years of falling interest rates and quantitative easing, most investors are wondering how long before the next great fall and when it will happen, mostly so they can dump their shares and avoid the pain suffered during the GFC. Show More

Clime Asset Management

The rise of emerging markets have transformed the global economy and the way investors allocate capital over the past 25 years. It has become increasingly synchronised reflecting their enhanced integration into global trade and capital flows, with China at the epicentre of this shift. As measured by purchasing power parity... Show More

At the recent investor presentation, Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer at PM CAPITAL, identified two themes that they’ve been buying into recently. After falling around 60% from peak to trough, alternative investment managers are now offering double digits dividend yields. “When we did the valuation, it looked like were assuming... Show More

Interesting note out of Goldman today about the “spending implications from a new generation of parents”, aka millennials. While Goldman’s note focuses mostly on individual stocks that should benefit from this age group becoming parents, the macro themes are worth taking a looking at. First off Goldman believes there will... Show More