LWP Technologies is surely for the investor who wants bold bets, if the company chairman’s spin on its investment proposition is any guide. No cars with internal combustion engines will be produced by 2025, he says. Moreover, batteries containing lithium will be history having been replaced by his aluminium-graphene alternatives. When produced - no working prototypes being available today - they will be lighter, faster to charge, non-flammable and cheaper. It would be unwise to pooh-pooh technology leaps when so many are striving for the next advance. Lithium-ion will definitely not be the stopping point. In reality, a range of battery types will most likely be in use in 2025 as technologists continually improve storage capacity and recharge times. The challenge for technology owners, such as LWP, will be similar to that faced by drug manufacturers, namely, how to recoup pre-revenue spending within a limited window of opportunity. Ultimately, the drug model involves government and insurers underwriting much of the expense. The car industry is less blessed. It has historically redesigned products around conservative technology choices to avoid frequent retooling.

Patrick Poke

I have to admit to a healthy amount of skepticism on the claims they're making. If they really have developed a commercial process for making high-quality graphene, as they claim, it could be equally as big as their battery technology (claims). The claims they're making about the improvements over Li-ion batteries are quite astounding, if proven correct and they can make it commercial and scalable, it would be very exciting. One to watch maybe.