A 1640% gain in a calendar year is not something you see very often, but that’s what Bitcoin holders have experienced so far in 2017. Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist at ABC Bullion, called it “the best bull market in finance” when we sat down recently to record the latest episode of Livewire’s Rules of Investing. But is Bitcoin really the future of money, as the bulls would have you believe? To achieve these lofty goals, it will need to displace the USD, Euro, Renminbi, and gold. So, can Bitcoin overcome the naysayers and become the ‘Amazon of money’, or is this giant bubble waiting to pop? Find out in the latest podcast below.

You can access the report discussed in this podcast here.

Norman Vincent

Brilliant thank you - I now understand what cryptocurrencies are

Chris Bishop

There is no profit until the item is sold. This applies to all investments.

Umberto Mancinelli

Thank you for sharing your commanding knowledge of the topic.

Simon Carson

Fantastic podcast! There are a lot of critical points discussed pointing out Bitcoins flaws. On the notion that people don’t want to own a currency like a Venezuelan Peso because they don’t trust the central bank ... the incompetence of that central bank is closely linked to the incompetence of the government. Bitcoin does not solve that. If your stuck in Venezuela your still in trouble.