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Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Crypto Bans Escalate, Royal Commission Revelations

Kent Kwan

Get the investor scoop on a scandal-heavy week involving Facebook, cryptocurrency, and Aussie banks. What does it all mean for investors? Show More

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Myer’s Misery, Game-Changing Self-Driving Cars, Buffett and Munger Hate Bitcoin

Kent Kwan

Find out how Myer’s struggle to stay afloat, the far-reaching impact of self-driving cars, and Buffett hating Bitcoin could affect you and your investments. Show More

The risks of going cashless

Magellan Asset Management

Beggars in China with QR codes hanging around their necks and others pleading with matrix-barcoded tins caused a stir when they appeared on Chinese city streets in the past year or two. Fellow Chinese shouldn’t have been surprised. These beggars are only keeping up with one of the most-rapid trends... Show More

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3 Things This Week: Markets Get Turbulent, Apple’s Cash Plan, Crypto Meltdowns

Kent Kwan

Catch up on this week’s top stories around volatile markets, Apple’s cash plan, and cryptocurrency meltdowns. Plus what it all means for you and your investments. Show More

Hot thematics and how to approach them

Livewire Exclusive

Thematic investing takes advantage of correctly predicting future trends, and the significant capital flows they can subsequently generate. For example, if you correctly anticipated the coming growth in the electric vehicle market, you could have monetised long-term trends across the EV supply chain, including battery minerals. Show More

3 Things This Week: Facebook’s NewsFeed Shake-up, Trump-proof Markets, Crypto Crackdown

Kent Kwan

What could Facebook’s new feed, Donald Trump’s tweets, and a cryptocurrency crackdown have to do with you and your investments? Show More

See what The CEO's thought of Crypto Currencies, US Tax Reform and Residential Housing this week

NAOS Asset Management

“In terms of crypto currencies generally, I can say, almost with certainty that they will come to a bad ending. When it happens, I don’t know” Warren Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Show More

Charlie Munger on Bitcoin: “It’s totally insane”

Patrick Poke

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman, Charlie Munger, is not known for his subtlety. In a recent conversation at the University of Michigan, Munger was true to style and has some fairly strong messages for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and novices alike. A transcription of his comments on Bitcoin is available below, or you... Show More

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Chiming in on Crypto Madness

Alex Shevelev

“Bitcoin has become one of the world’s hottest investments, a bubble inflated by social media, loose capital in search of the newest new thing”. You could be forgiven for thinking that this was written last week. In fact, it appeared in The Economist in April 2013. Bitcoin started that year... Show More

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The most popular company you’ve probably not heard of

Patrick Poke

For the last three years, I’ve sat down with the results of the Livewire Reader Survey in January to analyse the data. With over 2700 responses, this year’s generated four times as many responses as last year, and now marks it as the largest survey of active investors in Australia. Show More

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Bitcoin, Bubbles and Bullion....outlook for 2018

Jordan Eliseo

With a performance that is on track to 20-bag this year, there is little doubt it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas for Bitcoin enthusiasts, many of whom have made truly astonishing gains in 2017. Show More

Podcast: Bitcoin - The best bull market in finance

Livewire Exclusive

A 1640% gain in a calendar year is not something you see very often, but that’s what Bitcoin holders have experienced so far in 2017. Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist at ABC Bullion, called it “the best bull market in finance” when we sat down recently to record the latest episode... Show More

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The Future of Money: Bitcoin, Dollars or Gold?

Jordan Eliseo

Type “Bitcoin is a Bubble” into Google and you’ll get 31,800,000 results, a clear indication of how many times people have, incorrectly so far, called a top in the price of the worlds most famous cryptocurrency. Show More

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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are Just Reruns of 90’s Bubbles

Jonathan Rochford

The old saying that history doesn’t repeat but often rhymes sums up the fervour surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The media loves to write about something new and sexy and the financial media loves to write about those things as well, especially when they involve volatile asset prices. As cryptocurrencies and... Show More

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Hypno Crypto – the strange world of cryptocurrencies

Marcus Tuck

The recent correction in the technology sector has been particularly volatile for the so called cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a US$112 billion market that can turn over US$5 billion a day. Show More