There is no shortage of labels that investors use to differentiate their approach to picking stocks. Over the last few months, the financial lexicon has been dominated by the concept of a shift away from perceived ‘quality’ companies towards ‘cyclical’ businesses exposed to economic cycles. In the short term it has been painful for those investors who focus on the emerging parts of the market - so where to from here? Roger Montgomery says investors should look through the jargon and focus on the underlying companies. “The one criticism we receive for our style is that people say it’s easy to find quality but you’ll never get it cheap. And yet here we are, thanks to the big institutions that sold out of high quality mid cap names and rotated back into banks and resource companies and we think ultimately they’ll get their fingers burnt.”


But which stocks ARE high quality ones?

Donald Innes

ALLAN I think you have to subscribe to find out unfortunately. Some live wire stuff is great but some (like all of roger's talks) feels like an infomercial....

James Marlay

Hi Allan, thanks for your comment. Livewire isn't a stock recommendation service. Our goal is to give you access to the views and opinions of investment professionals in an easy to use format. In terms of finding out which companies Roger feels are high quality you can simply search on his name and you will find numerous articles where he discusses stocks that his team think are high quality. You can access a recent article here: . Please remember this isn't a tipping or recommendation service, if you are looking for that you should spend some time reviewing the different providers - all of which will charge a subscription fee for their services.