cash rates

Alex Cowie

Housing affordability is set to be a key item in tonight’s Budget and Philip Lowe, the RBA Governor, has delivered a timely speech addressing the RBA’s position on the issue. It was a calming message aimed at tempering concerns about rising household debt and the economic impact of a housing... Show More

Clime Asset Management

When the US Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) Chair announced the much anticipated increase in the Federal Funds or cash rate on 15 March, she noted that the Fed intended to maintain the size of its balance sheet through this calender year. In other words the Fed would, for at least... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Retirement funding is becoming an ever-growing burden on government budgets and 10-year bonds are not offering a fair risk-adjusted return, even after recent corrections. Adding fuel to the flames – relentless foreign indebtedness growth, reliance on foreign equity, low inflation and wage growth, declining export commodity prices, record low cash... Show More

Invast Investment Committee

One of the most important things to have occurred over the past week is the recovery in commodity prices. It suddenly feels like things are starting to improve in the Australian economy. This is important because it means less pressure on Australia’s economic growth and less drastic moves by the... Show More