Michael Frazis

With stocks near all-time-highs, there is steadily accumulating evidence that this may be a historic time to sell. PMIs are diving. PMIs give false signals (eg 2016 was a buy, not a sell) but this is by far the worst they have looked. All through the turmoil of last year,... Show More


There was a time when miners were to be avoided for those in search of income, but things have changed for the major players in the sector, according to Troy Angus, Head of Australian large caps at Paradice Investment Management. The hard-learned lessons of the last boom have been ingrained... Show More

Callum Thomas

Here's some of the standout charts on my radar. I aim to pick a good mix of charts covering key global macro trends, and ones which highlight risks and opportunities across asset classes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.1. US vs the World: Though the US Markit... Show More

James Marlay

One of Australia’s most iconic funds management firms will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. From humble beginnings with just $30 million of assets under management Paradice Investment Management today manages ~$16 billion across five strategies invested in Australian and Global Equities. The culture at Paradice is performance focused, which... Show More

Stefan Hansen

On my last trip to China, we were a little cautious despite the optimism displayed by China’s primary industries — a flow on from the stimulus-led recovery of 2016. Our caution proved warranted. Money supply tightened and key macro indicators weakened, which hit bulks in particular. This time around there... Show More

Expert Insights

Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment Management is always on the lookout for the best income opportunities from equities. His research suggests that there has been a 40% increase year on year for the dividends being paid out from the resources sector. "One of the reasons why commodities are doing well... Show More