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Jared Pohl

Catapult Group International Limited (‘Catapult’) is the world’s leading provider of player analytics solutions. The business provides elite sports teams access to a technology stack that improves athlete training, recovery, team strategy and management solutions. In the highly competitive world of elite sport, every inch counts, and Catapult enables teams... Show More

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Numerous academic and industry research papers support the view that effective corporate governance has a significant impact on the performance of that company as an investment. So when we spoke with their Natalie Tam from Aberdeen Standard Investments, we asked her how she thinks about this issue. She told us:... Show More

Mugunthan Siva

This may come as a surprise, but guess which country was the first to legislate social responsibility for corporations? India! Indian companies are engaged in several projects that are meaningfully impacting the lives of India’s poor and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, you don’t hear about this in the Australian media. Show More

ASIC has today released not only a media statement but also the copy of agreed facts ( ) relating to the admitted allegation of insider trading in relation to Hochtief's early 2014 on-market purchases of Leighton Holdings' shares. By altering its previous instructions to acquire a large parcel of Leighton's... Show More

Incentive plans have rules to manage how unvested short term and long term incentive awards will be treated on a change of control. By allowing the rights to vest into shares, executives can participate in the change of control by selling their shares to the bidder. Two upcoming AGMs feature... Show More

I recently wrote about the Board Skills Matrix and why it's critical for shareholders to work with Boards to develop the skills matrix on the specific skills necessary to oversee company strategy. Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited has invested in digital products (Live Pizza Tracker for both Android and iOS... Show More

Following its recent announcement of $4.7 billion in capital initiatives including the pro-rated renounceable entitlement offer (the retail entitlement offer booklet was released today), the company and its two executive directors have agreed to withdraw resolutions 8 and 9 from the AGM. These two resolutions sought shareholder approval to grant... Show More

A section 249D requistion from a shareholder or shareholders with at least 5 per cent of the votes that may be cast at the meeting is often used to move resolutions to remove the current Board and replace it with the requisitioners own candidates. Intrepid Mines has announced receipt of... Show More

If you've been following events at Cardno this week, you've probably developed a new sense of appreciation for the importance of proportional takeover provisions in a company's constitution. The resolution to adopt or renew the proportional takeover provisions in the constitution features routinely on AGM meeting agenda. Yes, it includes... Show More

This year’s corporate governance statements feature the Board Skills Matrix. Go past the generic management skills you’d expect: Boards are struggling to define relevant skills with sufficient precision. This lack of precision impacts its own assessment of current bench strength. Information technology is a good example. The type of IT... Show More