economic growth

Andrew Macken

On 18 May, Australian citizens over the age of 18 will be required to vote to elect members of the 46th Parliament of Australia. As always, there is a chance of a change in government. Indeed, this time around, that chance appears meaningful. Whether one consults Newspoll surveys or the... Show More

Peter Wilmshurst

The biggest headwinds to value investing have been outperformance by the U.S. and extraordinary monetary policy conditions since the GFC. We've had rates go 0-negative in some countries, which hasn't happened before in monetary history. As we start seeing these conditions normalise, coupled with broader economic growth, value investing will... Show More

Shane Oliver

For years now, many have told us that Australia is heading for an imminent recession. By contrast official forecasts have long been looking for several years of above trend growth. In the event neither has happened and we don’t see them happening anytime soon. Against this backdrop there are five... Show More

Chris Rands

The narrative we see at the moment is for a US-led, global recovery. However, the U.S. economy is at 2% inflation and 2% growth. Both times we had these conditions in recent years, growth fell away very quickly. Here we look at a major headwind that could see this pattern... Show More

Andrew Macken

The following is an extract from a note that was recently sent to investors in the Montaka Global Fund. There is a significant change in demographics that is currently taking place in many regions of the world. The world is aging. Whether in the United States, Australia, Western Europe, China... Show More

Mugunthan Siva

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook told analysts that “India is moving fast. They are moving at a speed that I have not seen in any other country in the world.” Despite this and many other positive endorsements, investors often procrastinate and identify reasons not to invest in India’s growth.... Show More


NSW has held on to the position as the best performing economy, supported by strong construction activity. VIC remains solidly in second spot, with the ACT close behind. There’s a wide gap between the leaders & the rest of the states & territories Get the insights at Show More