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Jay Kumar

Investor risk-on behaviour that was clearly on display in the first quarter 2019 continued in April. Risk assets performed strongly across the board, particularly in AUD terms. Weaker AUD boosted returns for investors with offshore unhedged investments. Many risk assets have now recovered the losses incurred during the fourth quarter... Show More

Andrew Macken

The following is an extract from a note that was recently sent to investors in the Montaka Global Fund. At Montaka, we believe there are five major forces that will significantly shape investment returns over the coming decades. One of these relates to the “New World Order” that is currently... Show More

Andrew Macken

After several years of plain sailing, investors are now having to contend with global markets that are far more risky. These market conditions have been created by an almost perfect storm of global issues. While the issues are out of our control, there are important steps we can take when... Show More

Tim Kelley

Last week saw an abrupt gear change, with global equity markets taking a step backwards and volatility suddenly spiking much higher although so far, the market disruption hasn’t had much of an impact on overall valuations. In this video Tim gives you a perspective on how here at Montgomery we... Show More

Peter Wilmshurst

The US market has become more complex. Earnings have been strong during 2017 but multiples are highly elevated, meaning there are increasingly fewer opportunities. One of the biggest risks for markets would have to be US equities. It’s more than 50% of the MSCI World Index, and where many people... Show More