growth and yield

Mathan Somasundaram

GARY identifies companies that are able to deliver growth and yield at a reasonable cost. GARY offers a middle ground when uncertain markets flip flop between growth and yield. Predominantly small cap oriented GARY underperformed over the past month as large caps on stretched multiples continued to outperform. Show More

Patrick Poke

Stephen Roberts says housing is coming off the boil, Fidelity’s tips on surviving the next crisis, Anton Tagliaferro talks yield stocks, and Marcus Tuck shares the results of his ASX 100 Growth & Yield screen. Here are four things you should read this weekend. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Growth investing, yield investing, and value investing are sometimes thought as competing strategies. However, as star Fidelity fund manager, Peter Lynch, showed back in the 80’s with GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price); these approaches can be combined. In a recent interview with Livewire, Ben Clarke from TMS Capital, described... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

GARY (Growth At Reasonable Yield) | GARY spoilt for choice after pullback | GARY screen allows us to pick stocks with good yield, good growth and cheap value multiples compared to the overall historical market trend. Resources and related Services carry higher risk due to global growth worries. GARY Industrial... Show More