Growth vs Value


In early May the once highly popular ASX-listed funds manager Janus Henderson (JHG) released a rather underwhelming March quarter financial performance report. Among the key performance metrics that stood out was a -21% fall in earnings per share versus a year earlier, a sizable fall in operating margin to 34.4%, net... Show More

Charlie Aitken

What an extraordinary period in markets this is. I haven’t seen anything like this since the peak of the .COM bubble. When prices are moving irrespective or even inverse to fundamentals it remains very hard to remain disciplined in the investment process. It becomes easy to give in to FOMO... Show More

Sam Ferraro

Following its 5% to 10% miss on consensus earnings for 1H, Domino’s fell by around 15% from peak to trough last week. The market has little tolerance for earnings misses from growth stocks. Even after the price decline, the stock is still trading on well above 20 times 12 month... Show More

John Kimber

Just in case the doomsayers about the current strong US economy and its durability, have got it wrong, and the current US expansion proves more durable than they expect, we have looked at Small Cap Value Stocks, which have lagged well behind Large Cap Growth. Show More