Growth vs Value

Market dynamics – the case for value remains

Anton Tagliaferro

In the world of haute couture, a famous designer once quipped – “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”. At Investors Mutual we would rephrase it as: “In a world full of trends, we want to remain a true-to-label value investor”. Show More

value investing Growth vs Value

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Beyond earnings torpedoes

Sam Ferraro

Following its 5% to 10% miss on consensus earnings for 1H, Domino’s fell by around 15% from peak to trough last week. The market has little tolerance for earnings misses from growth stocks. Even after the price decline, the stock is still trading on well above 20 times 12 month... Show More

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The Rules of Investing: How to make money in small caps

Livewire Exclusive

After a rough start to the year in 2017, smaller companies had a stellar run in the back half that once again shone light on the smaller end of the market. With nearly 20 years’ experience running a small cap mandate, Rob Frost from OC Funds has seen this kind... Show More

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US small caps due for a catch up

John Kimber

Just in case the doomsayers about the current strong US economy and its durability, have got it wrong, and the current US expansion proves more durable than they expect, we have looked at Small Cap Value Stocks, which have lagged well behind Large Cap Growth. Show More

The highest-priced maturing SaaS name in the world?

Avoca Investment Management

A consensus is building in markets around global economic expansion, QE curtailment and an upward trajectory in rates. The OECD’s September 2017 outlook statement described it as “a synchronised short-term global upturn” with the recovery being “broad-based”. Show More

ASX:WTC Growth vs Value

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