high yield credit

Brett Craig

It has been a very active half year in the Australian Alternative Finance (AltFi) market. Since my previous wire on the key themes expected for 2018, the market has continued to grow and evolve. The themes were: 1) Continued Growth, 2) Consolidation of Lenders; and 3) Transparency via Listings. Show More

Jonathan Rochford

You know it’s late in the credit cycle when credit investors give away their key protections in return for just a little more yield. This acquiesce comes in different forms, including higher levels of leverage, longer dated debt, subordinated debt and weakened or eliminated covenants commonly referred to as “covenant... Show More

Patrick Poke

The legendary Howard Marks, founder of the US$100b Oaktree Capital, was recently interviewed by Barry Ritholtz on his Masters In Business podcast. The 75-minute long interview is wide-ranging, but as usual, his comments around investment strategy stood out. Show More

Jacob Mitchell

The vast majority of financial crises have been preceded by the rapid accumulation of debt. For recent examples, we need only look back to the sub-prime housing crisis in the United States and European sovereign debt crisis. Perhaps the defining characteristics of the current cycle are the rapid build-up in... Show More

Corporate credit markets are viewed by many as a key indicator to the health of equity markets. In a recent letter to clients Ben Griffiths of the Eley Griffiths Group made the following observations about the US high yield bond markets; "In mid 2007, this important component of the bond... Show More