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Jason Orthman

Most broad-based equity indices around the world predominately comprise mature, old-world industrial businesses, highly geared companies including banks, low quality commodity-based businesses, capital intensive businesses and speculative stocks. For many of these companies the long-term return on capital and organic revenue growth outlook is modest at best. This low-quality equity... Show More

Alex Leyland, Portfolio Manager at Leyland Asset Management. says that the economy is transitioning away from mining as smoothly as could be expected. “People are finding jobs, new car sales are up, everything seems to be ok.” Despite this, wage growth remains at recession levels and confidence remains low. In... Show More

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Morgan Stanley has released a note saying that one of the main reasons it’s tough to beat the S&P is that when new stocks are added to the index they tend to be massive outperformers. “The earnings growth of the companies added to the index was not only much superior... Show More