Expert Insights

When the stars align, there is money on the table for investors in short selling – the process of selling high, then buying low. With the tide of central bank liquidity receding, David Poppenbeek from K2 Asset Management says it’s time to start judiciously growing the short book. You need deeper... Show More

Gopi Karunakaran

Sacrificing liquidity in return for additional yield can be attractive if the compensation is sufficient and the time horizon of capital is appropriate. But corporate bond markets are currently not providing sufficient compensation for growing illiquidity risk. Show More

Chris Watling

China’s central bank balance sheet is the biggest central bank balance sheet in the global economy, and has been for several years. That reflects China’s two bouts of QE over the past 10 years. Initially China carried out a type of QE we label ‘FX QE’, i.e. from 2009 through... Show More

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Liquidity continues to be an ongoing concern for fixed income participants and market regulators globally. Recent high profile failures of funds run by Third Avenue Management, Stone Lion Capital Partners and Lucidus Capital Partners sparked somewhat of a panic, at least in credit markets. The main cause of these failures... Show More