Christopher Joye

Being able to measure and monitor the true level of mortgage delinquencies across an economy is essential for investors and regulators interested in asset pricing and financial system stability, amongst other things. Prior to the 2008 global financial crisis, rising mortgage default rates in the United States were an important... Show More

Alva Devoy

If there’s one thing the market’s not short of, it’s noise. With newsreels looking for a quick sugar hit, it’s easy to get clouted in the latest headlines. For investors, this raises many questions. Is inflation coming back? Are bond yields going to take off on a tear? What will... Show More

Richard Rauch

One of the more curious things about World Cup fever infecting the planet is the sudden authority by which previous novices now espouse their views and share colourful commentary on a sport that hasn’t been of interest for the prior three years and 48 weeks. For four sweet weeks every... Show More