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Livewire Summer School - An essential guide for commercial property investing

APN Property Group

Take a quick look out of the window. If you live in the country and all you can see are fields and trees, well, lucky you. But if, like most Australians, you live in a city, you’re probably gazing at rooftops and maybe a few apartment blocks. Show More

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Livewire Summer School: Going with the flow

Marcus Padley

There is Fundamental analysis and there is Technical analysis. A lot of investors think it ends there. But there is another body of analysis that is essential to the process which is not so obvious, analysis that any fund manager in the small and mid-cap space must master and respect. Show More

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5 Essential Investing Tips for Millennials: How to Start Building Wealth Early

Kent Kwan

Isn’t it time we changed the dialogue around millennials and money? Moved away from berating them for their supposed avocado-eating, latte-sipping, globe-trotting habits and offered some pragmatic strategies for building a sustainable financial future? We certainly think so. It’s why we’ve broken down 5 investing tips for millennials looking for... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: Using derivatives to your benefit

James Gerrish

We use derivatives across the majority of our portfolios to improve performance and / or to reduce portfolio volatility. They help us consistently beat the market over time and improve the overall flexibility within our portfolios. We are almost entirely ‘sellers’ of options, and the bulk of our transactions are... Show More

Livewire Summer School: Investing in Australian Small Cap Equities – There’s a better way

Greg Cooper

There are lots of reasons why investors get excited about small cap stocks, particularly in Australia: the significantly larger opportunity set outside of the top 100 companies, the higher growth rates that small companies can achieve, and the myriad of successful individual stock stories that abound. Global academic research has... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: Protecting your portfolio from major downturns

Michael O'Dea

One of the lasting impacts 9 years after the global financial crisis is ultra-low interest rates. This is great if you are a borrower, but not great if you are a saver – because if you avoid risk today, your returns will almost certainly be very low, and potentially lower... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: To dance, or not to dance?

Dominic   McCormick

It's that time of year when investment professionals forecast the year ahead. But how useful are these? As one commentator put it; "strategists are forecasting a gain of around 7% for the S&P 500 in 2018. That's about how much they thought the S&P would rally in 2017. And 2016.... Show More

summer school 2018 Outlook Series

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Livewire Summer School: Build your ark before the flood

Nathan Bell

Recently a friend described investing over the past eight years since the GFC as investing for the journey. With the world economy currently enjoying a rare patch of synchronized growth, we’ve now arrived. That means it’s a good time to review your battle plan should markets become far less accommodative... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: November rain, and insurance claims

Livewire Exclusive

Guns N’ Roses released their first debut album titled “Appetite for Destruction” in July 1987. Three months later one of the most violent and unexpected equity market corrections in US history occurred. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value on Black Monday, and the causes behind the dramatic fall are... Show More

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