The Rules of Investing: Global tech giants

Livewire Exclusive

Disruption is everywhere these days. Whether it’s Amazon and Kogan disrupting traditional retail, Facebook and Google disrupting print and television advertising, or Netflix disrupting pay TV, it’s impossible to avoid. Incumbents face the dilemma of disruption: adapt to new ways and risk hurting their existing business, or stick to their... Show More

google tesla facebook amazon disruption tencent baidu Elon Musk

Outlook 2018: Stars align for Asian markets

Dr. Mary Manning
Dr. Mary Manning Ellerston Asian Investments

Asian markets have had a very strong year, up 29% year to date in 2017 (in AUD terms). This performance has been driven by a combination of strong earnings growth and moderate multiple expansion. Outstanding market performance in China and India and strong sector performance in the Asian mega-cap technology... Show More

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A world of opportunity

Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell Peters MacGregor

After eight years of falling interest rates and quantitative easing, most investors are wondering how long before the next great fall and when it will happen, mostly so they can dump their shares and avoid the pain suffered during the GFC. Show More

The rise of mobile payments in China and what it means for Australian investors

Matthew Harper
Matthew Harper Baker Young Stockbrokers

It may come as a surprise to some that the world’s two leading mobile payments companies aren’t based in Silicon Valley. While a lot of attention has been focused on ApplePay, PayPal and Stripe in the mobile payment race, two Chinese companies have shown the world exactly what a m-payment... Show More

tencent ASX:CBA Alipay ASX:NOV WeChat

There is No Such Thing as the “Asian Consumer”

Dr. Mary Manning
Dr. Mary Manning Ellerston Asian Investments

The concept of the “Asian Consumer” has captured the attention of many investors. However, talking about the Asian Consumer as a homogenous group is misleading. A closer look at demographics, household income, urbanization, gender purchasing power and channel shift, shows that there are at least 10 different consumer groups within... Show More

asia india China alibaba tencent Asian Consumer Millennials

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Two tech stocks worth knowing about

Andrew Macken
Andrew Macken Montgomery Global Investment Management

With plenty of buzz about the FANG stocks, the next time you think of the word FANG, think about the underlying power of the business models and applying this to other stocks. Show More

Aitken on markets: The good, the bad & the ugly

Livewire Exclusive

This week Livewire attended the ‘Better Manage your Wealth’ seminar, hosted by Market Matters. The event featured talks by a number of speakers including James Gerrish of Shaw Stockbroking, and Charlie Aitken of AIM. Here’s a wrap on Charlie’s current views on 'the good, the bad, and the ugly'... Show More

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Amazon and Google report strong growth. Here's why they keep getting bigger

Anshu Sharma
Anshu Sharma Loftus Peak

Amazon and Google, two of the world’s top ten biggest listed companies, jumped around 4% in the aftermarket on the back of above-market quarterly revenue numbers released overnight; they showed organic growth of 23% and 22% respectively. These numbers are significant, but it’s important to contextualise them with reference to... Show More

google apple amazon smsf disruption tencent baidu

China’s Tech Giants Are Leapfrogging the U.S. in Mobile Innovation

Paul Hennessy
Paul Hennessy Capital Group

China’s internet companies are developing cutting-edge mobile applications and leapfrogging the titans of U.S. technology in certain respects. China is no longer simply a tech copycat: Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are playing a leading role in China’s shift to a consumption-led economy. Capital Group expects increasing amounts of mobile innovation... Show More

China's booming e-commerce market faces challenges as regulators seek to restrict online payments

Investorlink Group

Proposed regulations to severely limit online payments in China could shake up one of the country's most innovative and valuable markets, experts warned this week. If implemented, it would impose caps on the value of online transactions of as little as 1,000 yuan (US$157). http://www.scmp.com/tech/e-commerce/article/1854684/chinas-booming-e-commerce-market-faces-challenges-regulators-seek. Show More

China alibaba tencent 99 wuxian m commerce m payments PBOC China banks

Are China's web giants executing better than the west

Tom McKay
Tom McKay Livewire

Are China's web giants executing better than the west? One of the most important businesses in the Tencent empire is WeChat, a mobile messaging service, estimated to be worth $64bn, three times the price Facebook paid for WhatsApp. WeChat currently has more than 270 million users who use the platform... Show More

technology alibaba tencent