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Nick Grove

A combination of better-than-expected US growth, a ramping up in quantitative tightening in the US, and a massive liquidity injection in China have seen Wilson Asset Management Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Geoff Wilson, alter his market outlook from being “ultra” to only “mildly” bearish. In the latter part of 2018,... Show More

Patrick Poke

This year’s Wilson Asset Management shareholder presentations marked a changing of the guard at the firm; for the first time in nine years, the meeting was not headlined by Chris Stott as Chief Investment Officer. “Stotty” recently announced his retirement to spend more time with family, so this offered an... Show More

Expert Insights

As the cycle matures, finding opportunities gets harder. So we sat down with Matthew Haupt, Portfolio Manager at Wilson Asset Management to hear his perspective. Here Matt talks about several sectors and stocks for the late cycle. We also asked what the big surprise was in earnings season, which was: “The... Show More

Mark Tobin

FY18 was a strong year for both microcap and small caps indexes. Once again, microcaps significantly outperformed large caps. The S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index returned 13.7% for FY18 a healthy return. In contrast, the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index posted a stellar return of 23.2% for FY18. Leading to an... Show More

Patrick Poke

Wilson Asset Management held their shareholder presentation in Sydney today. Chris Stott, Catriona Burns, and Matthew Haupt all took the stage this morning to share their view on the markets, their top themes, and a few stock ideas. Here are the highlights. Chris Stott Domestic economy Stott believes that it is still “below... Show More

Patrick Poke

At the Wilson Asset Management presentation in Sydney yesterday, Portfolio Manager, Matt Haupt identified two big themes for the years ahead. Firstly, with mandated superannuation contributions set to increase from 9.5% to 12% over the next decade, superannuation is one of the few areas with reliable growth. Secondly, few would... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, says Credit Corp is one stock that exceeded his expectations in the most recent reporting season. “It exceeded our expectations on the result. The outlook statement to us also looks quite light based on our numbers and what we’re forecasting here... Show More

Geoff Wilson AO

We believe news media company APN News & Media Limited (ASX: APN) represents compelling value post demerger of its NZ assets. APN recently moved to spin off New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) and raise $180 million through an entitlement offer to shareholders. Following the demerger of NZME, APN also... Show More