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Altium Limited (ALU) is engaged in the development and sale of computer software for the design of electronic products. The business provides electronic design software, or circuit board design. Software is used to design printed circuit boards (PCBs), the green plastic boards that control everything from computers, calculators, phones and... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Growth stocks have come under pressure in recent months, with a number of high-quality, high-growth companies quickly losing up to 30% in price. We asked Tim Hannon, CIO of Newgate Capital to explain the drivers and implications of this move: “We always wonder how you get a great quality company... Show More

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At a tech conference recently, we heard from technologists and CEO’s of emerging ASX-listed companies on the edge of developing trends. Hearing them present on the changing landscape is fascinating but also has a way of making one feel uneasy with how new trends could affect investment markets. Two of... Show More

Michael Gable

ALU’s strong double-digit consensus EPS growth forecasts for FY16, FY17 and FY18 is underpinned by continued growth in Altium’s key product – Altium Designer – as well as growth in new products. Show More

Roger Montgomery

In this week's Video Insight Russell Muldoon comments on Altium Limited (ASX: ALU). It’s a business that’s likely to be unfamiliar to most investors given it’s by no means a big business and nor would it be considered by many to be a ‘blue-chip’, but that’s probably why here at... Show More