Bond markets

Cracks appearing in the global economic resurgence

Callum Thomas

I wanted to highlight this chart because the latest data basically makes it start to look like it's going against my previous thinking. The "flash global manufacturing PMI" which is an indicator I put together based on the flash readings of the Europe, US, and Japan manufacturing PMIs has weakened... Show More

The Dawn of a New Era of Value Investing

Clime Asset Management

The first half of FY2017 has certainly delivered some unexpected outcomes - Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the United States and the following positive market reaction stunned the world. Amidst the resulting volatility in bond and equity markets lies a wealth of opportunity for those who care... Show More

An Outlook for 2016/17: Worldwide Currency War

Clime Asset Management

Currency wars, increased market uncertainty and pending foreign election outcomes may see an adoption of more unconventional economic monetary policy in Australia. We believe investors need to take a conservative approach to portfolio construction, with a greater spread of assets and heightened awareness of risk in the bond market. Show More