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Who's in YOUR portfolio backline this Grand Final?

Chris Manuell

You would never select a team without a backline. So, have you considered who’s playing in the defensive half for your portfolio late in this investment cycle? Show More

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The great unwind comes... slowly

Clime Asset Management

When the US Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) Chair announced the much anticipated increase in the Federal Funds or cash rate on 15 March, she noted that the Fed intended to maintain the size of its balance sheet through this calender year. In other words the Fed would, for at least... Show More

Cracks appearing in the global economic resurgence

Callum Thomas

I wanted to highlight this chart because the latest data basically makes it start to look like it's going against my previous thinking. The "flash global manufacturing PMI" which is an indicator I put together based on the flash readings of the Europe, US, and Japan manufacturing PMIs has weakened... Show More

The Trump effect on bond markets and trade

Nikko Asset Management Australia

While China is clearly of great importance to the Australian economy, it may be tempting to downplay, or even overlook, the impact that President Trump’s agenda will have on Australia. Show More

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Three trends to watch over Christmas

Clime Asset Management

The Christmas period is fast approaching and we thought we'd leave you with three top trends heading into the silly season. Firstly, the notable increase in bond yields continues to grow. Next, 17 out of the last 20, mid-December to mid-January trade periods have recorded positive returns. Finally, among growing... Show More

The Dawn of a New Era of Value Investing

Clime Asset Management

The first half of FY2017 has certainly delivered some unexpected outcomes - Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the United States and the following positive market reaction stunned the world. Amidst the resulting volatility in bond and equity markets lies a wealth of opportunity for those who care... Show More

An Outlook for 2016/17: Worldwide Currency War

Clime Asset Management

Currency wars, increased market uncertainty and pending foreign election outcomes may see an adoption of more unconventional economic monetary policy in Australia. We believe investors need to take a conservative approach to portfolio construction, with a greater spread of assets and heightened awareness of risk in the bond market. Show More

Balanced Funds Returns

Clime Asset Management

Balanced funds are reporting positive (all be it small) returns for '15/'16 in the wake of a poorly performing Australian stock market. This therefore suggests that those positive returns were generated elsewhere. We attempt to breakdown those figures to identify which asset classes actually delivered. Show More

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CBA Global Markets - Outlook for interest rates & bond yields


CBA Head of Fixed Income and Rates Research, Adam Donaldson speaks with CommSec’s Steven Daghlian about the outlook for interest rates and bond yields in a low inflationary environment For more economic insights, visit Show More

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