dividend traps

Daniel Mueller

In each of the previous 5 years, there have been several obvious candidates from which to ‘award’ the yield trap of the year. 2018 was harder. One could easily pick on AMP. But a combination of a lofty starting share price and lack of asset sales, due to management overhaul... Show More

Beware the dividend stock for which the share market starts anticipating a significant deterioration in operational dynamics and thus, eventually, a reduction or even removal of the dividend. It happened to prior stalwarts such as Metcash, Fleetwood, Origin Energy, even to BHP Billiton and Woodside Petroleum. One look at price... Show More

With returns on cash at historic lows, many income-seeking investors are looking to the share market for its higher yields. This is not without its risks, though, as BHP shareholders found out earlier this year. Dr. Don Hamson, Managing Director at Plato Investment Management, says a lot of investors are... Show More