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Alignment – Spending Other Peoples Money

Michael Glennon

One of the things that frustrates me most is fund managers who take the “other peoples money” approach. My fundamental belief is that if you wouldn’t do something with your own money, why would you do it with someone else’s money? When we look to hire new analysts, we spend... Show More

The Growing Country

Glennon Capital

We know Australia is the lucky country – whether that be the weather, the lifestyle, or the 25 plus year streak without a recession. We are also the growing country; Australia’s growth rate of 1.5% outpaces many of our peers. But where is the growth coming from and what is... Show More

Child Care: the mosaic of price, policy and margins

Glennon Capital

A young family has many points of financial stress to contend with at the moment. The record prices of property in Australia’s major cities make buying a property a difficult exercise. Rents have also continued to rise. Meanwhile a second issue is also consistently present for those with young children:... Show More

Reporting Season Highlights - Imdex, Lovisa, Isentia

Glennon Capital

Last week marked the busiest week of the current reporting season. With most of the smaller companies reporting there was no shortage of stocks to profile. We take a look at three of these businesses, how they have fared during the reporting period and what this means for the businesses... Show More

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The Changing Advertising Landscape

Glennon Capital

During this week’s results presentation WPP Group (WPP, the old STW Communications) reported on the state of the advertising market for the past year as well as expectations over the next few years. Coming from a significant media buying group it made for interesting reading. Show More

Commodities are NOT all the same

Glennon Capital

Over the past few years commodities have mostly been tainted with the same brush, and keeping well away from resource stocks had served investors well. In the majority of cases a flood of capital has allowed resource companies to explore and develop deposits. Supply has been released onto the global... Show More