Nick Griffin

Alphabet’s first quarter result demonstrated a slowdown in websites revenue (advertising revenue from Google websites). The quarterly number only came in 1% below consensus estimates (excluding the impact of any FX), with many commentators pointing out that this was the first time their websites growth has been below 20% in... Show More

Roger Montgomery

Appen (ASX:APX) is one of Australia’s high-flying tech stocks – which collectively go under the WAAAX acronym. Its share price has almost tripled over the past year as many investors ride the Oz tech story. But to my mind, the company’s valuation looks extremely stretched.According to its own description, Appen... Show More

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Julia Lee

When building a balanced investment portfolio, most investors seek exposure to the four main asset classes – equities, fixed income, property, and cash. One big barrier to entry for many investors is knowing exactly how and what to invest in. Choosing investments like individual stocks, can be overwhelming and understandably... Show More

Patrick Poke

Investing in “blue chips” – large, highly profitable, and mature companies – has long been a popular strategy for investors. But contrary to its popularity, research has shown (i) that the largest stocks consistently underperform over the long-term. Perhaps investors have fallen victim to survivorship bias? Rather than looking at... Show More

Alex Cowie

We recently reviewed the ten most tipped stocks, which are leading the market by 17% so far this year. However, there was a second crop, the ‘ten more’ most tipped stocks (i.e. in positions 11-20)… So, how is this group tracking so far? This list included Jumbo Interactive and Nearmap, which... Show More

Mary Manning

As a region, Asia represents one of the best long term structural growth stories in the world. I recently published a comprehensive article outlining our views on the outlook for Asian markets. Following a positive start to 2019 for Asian markets I've highlighted a few of the key points below: Show More

Marcus Padley

In December last year, I wrote an article entitled “Nothing Terribly Wrong” talking about the market fears being overdone. At the time the ASX 200 was down 12% from the top. In hindsight, a marvellous thing, I wrote it ten days before the market bottomed. The markets have bounced. Let... Show More