Livewire Live 2017

The share price of tech market darling, Tesla, rose inexorably more than ten-fold between early 2013 and early 2018. One manager not convinced by the hype was Jacob Mitchell from Antipodes Partners, who presented his short thesis on the stock at Livewire Live as early as July 2017. Show More

Attendees and digital pass subscribers were treated to a feast of information and analysis at Livewire Live this year, now it’s your turn. See three of Australia’s leading investors discuss the big issues in technology, both locally and globally in this exclusive panel session. Show More

When asked which black swan was most likely to unsettle markets, particularly given how low volatility is, Ben Griffiths highlighted North Korea as being the one to watch. Fast-forward two weeks to today, and it seems to be unfolding as we speak. Show More

Even the RBA has now weighed into the debate on Amazon, with a bearish view on the potential effect to retail. However, Paul Taylor, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Australian Equities Fund, had a cautionary tale for the bears based on his experiences through the late 90’s tech bubble. Show More