Andrew Mouchacca

Active management has successfully delivered alpha from Australian small companies over the long-term. Further, in periods when the dispersion of stock returns within the benchmark has been high, the median manager has delivered strong alpha. However, the ability to outperform the benchmark in periods of low returns dispersion (as has... Show More

Jonathan Rochford

The feedback I often get from readers of my articles is that I must be an investment bear. That’s understandable given my last two articles were “The Dirty Dozen Sectors of Global Debt” and “The Coming High Yield Downturn will be Big, Long and Ugly”. However, the performance of Narrow... Show More

Lawrence Lam

It’s ironic I’m writing my first wire to outline techniques you can use to beat professional fund managers. The fact is, most people assume that professional fund managers have an informational edge over everyday investors. This isn’t true. Show More

Paradice Investment Management

There are countless theories about the best way for investors to beat the market. Troy Angus, Head of Large Caps at Paradice Investment Management, has been able to consistently beat the market for over a decade and believes he has identified four key criteria that consistently lead to outperformance. Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Whether or not active managers add value after fees, over the full economic cycle, has been a widely contested topic in investment circles for many decades. However, as we illustrate in the report below, the fact is that active management works in Australia. The average active manager surveyed outperformed the... Show More

Marcus Bogdan, CIO Asia Pacific

A common investment theme running through each of our model portfolios has been a deliberate underweight position in the Australian major banks. This has supported our significant performance against the ASX 200 benchmark over the last twelve months, yet challenging headwinds continue to warrant a cautionary stance. A recent paper... Show More