population growth

Jonathan Rochford

The elephant in the room for Australia’s Federal Parliament has finally been called out. Australia’s rapid population growth is arguably as important an issue as balancing the budget and the environment. Yet almost no one has dared to mention it since Kevin Rudd talked of a “big Australia” in 2009.... Show More

Glennon Capital

We know Australia is the lucky country – whether that be the weather, the lifestyle, or the 25 plus year streak without a recession. We are also the growing country; Australia’s growth rate of 1.5% outpaces many of our peers. But where is the growth coming from and what is... Show More

Fidelity International

In this report, Fidelity International describes three demographic megatrends that could provide powerful tailwinds for a long-term investing strategy. Firstly, population growth continues unabated. After reaching 7 billion in 2011, we are on track to reach 8 billion in 2025 then 9 billion by 2050, with most of this coming... Show More

Glennon Capital

While the bubble in U.S. stocks was just beginning in 1925, the lesser known Florida real estate bubble was already in full swing. “The greatest real estate development in the world” read a Florida News headline in September 1925. By the 1920s middle class America had more time and money... Show More

Livewire News

According to the ABS the Australian population grew at an rate of just 1.42% in the year to December. Craig James, the Chief Economist at CommSec says "Most people looking at the figures would say it was a bit of a surprise." While Saul Eslake, the former Chief Economist of... Show More