Scott Shuttleworth

Let’s start by defining what a recession actually is. Google’s dictionary defines it as ‘a period of temporary economic decline during which trading and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters’. In short, we’re looking for some sustained contraction in GDP. So... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

A nasty March is what Saxo's Chief Economist, Steen Jakobsen is expecting. He points to the increasing strength of the US dollar which, he says, will kill commodity stabilisation as well as the ability of emerging markets to revitalise the global economy. He also points to the Bank of Japan... Show More

Chad Slater

Shorting. The bane of all good long term investors and adds no value to society. That is what a lot of long-only Fund Managers and media commentators would have investors believe. But with the release of "The Big Short" at the movies, investors are getting another perspective on the work... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Saxo Capital Markets’ traders of the Australian desk have just opened their third short position on a local share. Following their short trades on Commonwealth Bank and Newcrest’s shares, Saxo traders have now suggested shorting Westpac at market value and with a first target at $A27.48. According to the traders... Show More