Chad Slater

On recent trips to the local supermarket you begin to notice that the cost of the shopping appears to be getting a little more expensive. Friends have been talking about a new store that has opened a few suburbs away and so you decide to visit it the next time.... Show More

John Deniz

We initiated a short position in Telstra in February 2017, premised on rising mobile & broadband competition, which was likely to impact on Telstra’s growth outlook. Rising 10-yr bond rates make it a double-whammy for Telstra, which we also view as a bond-proxy. Show More

Chad Slater

If the product is good, it must be a good company, right? The paradox of investing is that great investments often have little in common with great companies. This week we examine the bull case for Tesla, as espoused by one stockbroker and find it, shall we say, somewhat lacking.... Show More

Justin Braitling

As a long/short manager, we hedge sharemarket risk for our investors by short-selling the shares of weak businesses when they are overvalued. By holding long and short portfolios of roughly equal size and composition, our funds have little or no net exposure to the share market. Our directional fund provides... Show More