Tony Sutton

A two-pronged tweet from President Trump over the weekend threatening to increase tariffs on Chinese imports has shattered the relative calm currently being enjoyed by markets. Given Trump’s obsession with “The Dow” and clear focus on being re-elected in November 2020, this was a very perplexing move.After all, it is... Show More

Expert Insights

With the economy chugging along nicely, and equity markets grinding higher, it’s been pretty smooth sailing for investors in recent years. But there’s one important risk that has the potential to derail the rally: President Trump. Though the potential problems are well known by markets, Troy Angus, Head of Large... Show More

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed President Trump’s rhetoric has centred around trade and resulted in the escalation of tensions between the US and other economic powers of the world. Many investors are wondering what downside risk they might be exposed to and whether a recession is... Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Last week, the White House announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminum of 25% and 10% respectively – a move that sparked global indignation and threats of a trade war. But tariffs are more common than you may imagine. Show More