Aussie market started negative and finished negative after pulling back to even on the back of banks. The market was a tale of two cities. Resources maintain the negative sentiment as commodity prices pullback and the Financials were showing strength with Banks and Property Trusts leading the way. Banks are seeing support into the update and dividend season while property trusts were getting a free kick from government’s support for tax freebies. Central banks are likely to hold fire with Brexit and US Fed in play for June. The commodity price trend is very similar to last year as the seasonality and the China growth booster takes effect. Time to be patient and pick the time to buy-in or add more exposure…maintain medium to long term view > long Yield and Gold, short Iron Ore and Oil. We expect the Fund Managers to lock in the profit from recent bounce before the “May-hem” starts…and we saw early signs of that at the end of last week. (VIEW LINK)