In this thematic discussion Shane Oliver from AMP Capital and David Bassanese from BetaShares share their insights and opinions into the macro themes impacting investment markets. From an international perspective the discussion touches on the low inflation environment facing the Fed, how this compares to the longer term historic average and why China is justified in wanting to see their currency move lower. From a local perspective the discussion looks through the fall in mining company profits to highlight a positive aspect to the economy's transition away from resources, David points to one concern he has about the rate of new housing approvals and why sustained growth is so reliant on this continuing to rise and Shane gives his view on whether further rate cuts are in the pipeline to keep things ticking along. Click here or on the image below to watch the video:

Gordon Davis

Excellent discussion

James Marlay

Thanks Gordon, glad you enjoyed the discussion and appreciate the feedback

Patrick Poke

Only just found the time to watch this but glad I made the effort, thanks for the interesting insights!