market timing

Jonathan Rochford

Howard Marks has long been regarded as one of the great investment communicators; wise enough to understand how investment markets work and witty enough to explain it in an interesting way. His ad-hoc memos always receive broad coverage and are considered essential reading by many including Warren Buffett. Readers of... Show More

Asset Allocation
Patrick Poke

Popular wisdom from the likes of Warren Buffett, Jack Bogle, and Burton Malkiel (author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street) states that it's near-impossible to consistently time the market, so why even try? Just buy and hold for the long term, and collect your dividend cheque every six months.... Show More

Patrick Poke

Following the falls in equity markets globally across October and November, there’s been a marked increase in bearish commentary from fund manager, analysts, and various other commentators. But as the saying goes, there’s two sides to every trade, and this is no exception. To balance out the panicked shouts, there’ve... Show More

Patrick Hodgens

Timing is everything. This fact of life is true with just about every decision we make. Many investors believe timing the market is everything. Selling out of equities before the market has a downturn can be a very lucrative strategy, if you get the timing right. And with hindsight it... Show More

Amit Lodha

While in Taiwan this week, meeting with executives of the technology/smartphone value chain, my hotel room shook with earthquake tremors. It struck me that nature has a unique way of sending us mortality messages every so often. In a similar vein, hidden in all the volatility last week, ‘Mr Market’... Show More

Marcus Padley

There was an article on the Livewire website this week quoting a recent Kerr Neilson presentation, the billionaire fund manager at Platinum Asset Management. There were lots of good takeaways but the comment that interested me was this quote: Show More