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Patrick Poke

Howard Marks expressed concerns over a range of different assets and indicators in his last memo, which caused quite a media uproar. So he’s expanded and clarified some of his views. More interesting though, was his change of opinion on Bitcoin. His key quotes from this new memo are below. Show More

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The ASX200 has rallied by around 17% since its low on February 11th. Given the mood of anxiety at the time, few could have predicted such an aggressive rally was about to begin. Rates have been a driver, though whether or not lower interest rates justify higher prices is a... Show More

Livewire Equities

Anton Tagliaferro, founder of Investors Mutual, is sitting on a horde of cash, bumping up against their cash limit of 10% in the large-cap portfolios. He says central bank policies are "verging on the insane," and continue to drive prices higher. "The earnings outlook hasn't improved, PEs have just gone... Show More

Tim Kelley

Recent research by Montgomery shows that not only are high-quality businesses, running ahead of their intrinsic value. So, too, are the largest names on the ASX, which means long-term investors should approach this market with a degree of caution. Recently, we asked the question: is this problem more acute in... Show More

Contango Asset Management

As part of the recent Contango Asset Management national Investor Roadshow, Chief Investment Officer, George Boubouras, discusses our current macro outlook and why rates will be lower for longer, our view on China, and how current valuations are looking on the ASX. Click on the video player below to watch... Show More

Paul Hennessy

Periods of extreme market turbulence can be unnerving. One of the best pieces of advice for making it through turbulent global markets is to turn off the TV. Listening to dire predictions that the media broadcasts during these periods is what causes some investors to pull out of the market... Show More

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According to Bespoke Investment Group the market usually outperforms in the weeks after a sell-off of greater than 5%. “If you're trying to decide what to do this week, maybe Bespoke's chart will help. It gives you a look at what happened in the S&P 500 in the weeks following... Show More

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This year Private Equity companies have sold $73 billion of their buyouts to the public, a record amount over a six month period. Lise Buyer, founder of IPO advisory firm Class V Group says “It’s clear that we are currently in an environment of frothy valuations. The insiders – those... Show More

Christopher Joye

In The AFR I offer Warren Buffett gratis advice on whether he should buy into the major banks, comparing them to his existing bank portfolio (incl. Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, Goldmans, Bank of America, and BNY Mellon). Buffet loves banks with strong returns on assets (RoAs) that command a valuation... Show More

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JP Morgan Funds says that “Despite weak 1Q results, earnings should rebound as macro headwinds subside” so “there are still reasons to be optimistic about equities.” Why? 1) Earnings should stabilize as macroeconomic headwinds of a lower oil price and rising USD abate. 2) Despite the dollar, multinationals and large-cap... Show More

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Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair and one of the most influential people in the financial word, believes stock and bonds are priced at high levels. “I would highlight that equity market valuations at this point generally are quite high,” said Yellen. She also said equities aren’t as high as bond... Show More

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The best way to look at this is to assess market valuation, economic growth and inflation pressures, monetary conditions and investor sentiment. 1) Share market valuations are mostly okay. Sure, measured in isolation against their own history shares are no longer dirt cheap. In fact, forward price to earnings multiples... Show More