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In September, I conducted four days of energy-related meetings in Dallas and Houston. The goal was to review current industry conditions and the production outlook for 2017. I met with majors (BP, Shell, BHP), large US shale producers (Range, Anadarko, EOG, Apache), services companies (CBI, Schlumberger, Halliburton), US LNG producers/projects... Show More

Matt Felsman

Chevron has had two assets in Nigeria attacked by militants in a week, the latest yesterday. Also on Friday, Exxon Mobil declared force majeure on exports of Nigeria's largest crude grade as production had been curtailed following damage to a pipeline by a drilling rig. Chevron isn’t the only major... Show More

Angela Mangan

Commencing in early February major key mining and oil stocks generated technical buy signals. The fact that this occurred in a "cluster" was positive and significant for the resource / energy sector outlook from a technical perspective, as it is a positive momentum indicator when key stocks in a sector... Show More

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With iron ore futures dropping below $40 a tonne due to concerns about China, Copper dropping below its 200-day moving average for the first time since 2003 and BHP diving to a seven year low it’s pretty clear that investor sentiment towards commodities is dire. However, if you subscribe to... Show More

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"I still think we are in a slow-growth, disinflationary world. A disinflationary world means you want to own companies that don’t require price increases to grow their revenue lines. Historically, the two sectors of the market we can invest in that do best in that kind of environment are Technology... Show More

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Glencore chairman and CEO Tony Hayward is particularly bullish on long-term oil. Hayward predicts that cuts to oil companies capital spending are “laying the seeds for the next oil price bull market” and “the supply chain in the U.S. is being decimated.” U.S. shale oil production, the source of the... Show More