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The scale and duration of Australia’s construction boom has led to fears that the housing market could soon face oversupply. We sat down with Andrew Schwartz, Group Managing Director at Real Estate Management firm Qualitas who described how over-supply is in fact controlled by the self-regulating properties of the market.... Show More

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Residential property data have been increasingly bearish over the last six months. However, Andrew Schwartz, Group Managing Director at Qualitas, which invests across the property spectrum, makes the case in this interview that property remains in high demand regardless, and that this supports predictable cash flows. Edited transcript Understanding the... Show More


Australian banks account for up to 90% participation rate in the commercial real estate debt market. The recent Royal Commission has helped put a spotlight on this, with regulators aiming to reduce their exposure to property as an asset class. For every 1% of market share that the banks give... Show More