Beware, hybrids hidden as cash

Elizabeth Moran

In the scramble for customers, some fund managers and superannuation providers are taking on additional risk, investing in a range of assets and deeming them ‘cash’ when clearly they are not. Show More

Is the yield trade really over?

Livewire Exclusive

Over the past 12-months, the 3-year Australian Government Bond has risen just 21 basis points from ~1.8% a year ago, to 2.01% now. For an average retiree with an account balance of $200,000, this equates to an additional $420 of income per year. Show More

Ageing consumer drives long-term growth at Challenger

Paragon Funds Management

Challenger is a diversified investment management firm that manages over $60b in assets. Today Challenger is focused on providing wealth creation solutions for those in the accumulation phase of superannuation and also reliable income streams for retirees. Show More

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A Super Week

Clime Asset Management

Retirement funding is becoming an ever-growing burden on government budgets and 10-year bonds are not offering a fair risk-adjusted return, even after recent corrections. Adding fuel to the flames – relentless foreign indebtedness growth, reliance on foreign equity, low inflation and wage growth, declining export commodity prices, record low cash... Show More

Finding sustainable income in an investment world turned upside down

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Investment markets are currently being challenged by low global economic growth and distorted by monetary policy targeting historically low and (increasingly) negative interest rates. This has led to a reversal of expected norms, as investors have turned to stocks for income, while bonds have been a significant source of capital... Show More

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Achieving security in your retirement with objective based investing

Clime Asset Management

Objective based investing allows a manager’s investment objectives to be directly aligned with investor’s objectives. Objective based investing does not explicitly refer to benchmarks; established market indexes are typically weighted by size (and determined by price). Show More

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How to teach your children to invest

Intelligent Investor

Starting up a portfolio for your children might be one of the best things you can do for your children. But how should you go about it? Show More

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It’s the model, stupid

Alex Pollak

It’s not about interest rates, or dividends or technical trends or any of the other hyped nonsense which passes for commentary, and last night we had proof. Global indices fell, mostly as a result of the realisation that if commodity prices remain low mining dividends are under threat. Meanwhile, the... Show More

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Malcolm and the unicorns

Alex Pollak

Malcolm Turnbull is absolutely right to be throwing the switch to innovation – Australia is not going to mine or bank its way into an improvement in its long term growth prospects, at least not with the existing models. But there needs to be some circumspection around innovation investment, because... Show More

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Atlassian – worth a lot more than US$3.3b

Alex Pollak

The F1 (effectively a prospectus without a price) for Atlassian reveals a lot of figures, but is silent on the main one – how much the business might be worth. I am not in possession of any broker information, don't work for the company, nor have I received any company... Show More

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Take a long-term view and stay invested

Paul Hennessy

The investing time horizon can be a big factor in setting investment objectives and shaping investor outcomes. Yet, it’s a contentious issue in finance as there is rarely any consensus on what a long or short time horizon really means. Show More

Funding retirement in a low income world

Dr Don Hamson

Unfortunately, for today’s retirees, traditional income generating assets such as cash or term deposits are yielding returns that are at all-time lows, and well below the 5% minimum drawdown rate. Luckily for retirees, there is still one asset class that is generating reasonable levels of income. Australian equities Figure 1... Show More

Not all global equities are created equal

Paul Hennessy

Australians need to look further afield for additional sources of income as they live longer. In particular, global equities that pay and grow dividends over time have the potential to address investors’ challenges of managing both market and longevity risk in retirement. Show More

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The rising number of Australian retirees face a major investment challenge - how to best manage their financial nest egg for a further 20+ years

David Bassanese

The rising number of Australian retirees face a major investment challenge - how to best manage their financial nest egg for a further 20+ years. Invest too cautiously and there's a risk of insufficient income; invest too aggressively, and there's a risk of exposure to significant losses, which could prematurely... Show More

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