Clime Asset Management

Retirement funding is becoming an ever-growing burden on government budgets and 10-year bonds are not offering a fair risk-adjusted return, even after recent corrections. Adding fuel to the flames – relentless foreign indebtedness growth, reliance on foreign equity, low inflation and wage growth, declining export commodity prices, record low cash... Show More

Nikko Asset Management Australia

Investment markets are currently being challenged by low global economic growth and distorted by monetary policy targeting historically low and (increasingly) negative interest rates. This has led to a reversal of expected norms, as investors have turned to stocks for income, while bonds have been a significant source of capital... Show More

David Bassanese

The rising number of Australian retirees face a major investment challenge - how to best manage their financial nest egg for a further 20+ years. Invest too cautiously and there's a risk of insufficient income; invest too aggressively, and there's a risk of exposure to significant losses, which could prematurely... Show More