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For many years China has had a single focus of delivering high GDP growth. John Lake from Paradice Investment Management has recently returned from a visit to China and says two important shifts are taking place. One is a focus on sustainability and the environment ahead of growth. The other... Show More

John Robertson

Amazingly often, analysts fail to distinguish between slowing growth and contraction. One could easily conclude from commentaries on the subject that China’s metal use has fallen. In reality, references to falling metal use often mean a decline in the rate of growth. Chinese zinc usage, for example, has been estimated... Show More

Mark Pervan Head of Commodity Research at ANZ has just returned from a China trip visiting steel mills and traders – “and the consistent view is that steel demand has peaked. Most concerns revolve around the weak real estate market…Slower than pledged infrastructure spending was also becoming a drag. Related... Show More

John Robertson

The International Monetary Fund once again cut back its near term global growth forecast. Not only was the forecast for 2015 reduced by 0.2 percentage points but the growth rate now estimated for the year is 0.3 percentage points lower than the 2014 outcome. Decelerating growth will normally imply the... Show More

US steel tube and pipe manufacturing remains one of the weakest products across QMG's coverage universe: volumes (down -53% yoy), pricing (down -13% yoy) weak, costs increasing at +13% yoy, pressure on both revenue and margins....most highly correlated equity that we have mapped to this product group is Tenaris (North... Show More