Michael Nevill

thank you

Tomas Shteyman

Hi Alex Just out of curiosity, of all the 2500 stocks that were tipped in the contest, which stocks have been the ten top performers so far?.

Peter Mueller

Thank you for your great work. Look forward to read the update of the next ten stocks. Peter Mueller

Alex Cowie

Hi Tomas, Great question and I'll be posting that in the coming days.

John Smith

Hey Thanks, Alex for sharing this wonderful information!! RIO Tinto and BHP Shares have gained a lot of attention these days in ASX stock markets. It would be great if you could suggest something as top stocks with top-performing stocks.

Nigel Comelately

Excellent strategy with an outstanding result. So will you conduct a similar poll this year? And publish the results before year's end?

Tomas Shteyman

Thanks Alex, look forward to it. I agree with Nigel's comment above, it would be interesting to see both the list of the top ten and who tipped them.

Param Singh

How's about a list of the worst performers out of the most tipped stocks?