As a holiday treat we're making the 2016 End of Year Special Edition of the Weekly Macro Themes available for free: (VIEW LINK) This edition looks at some of my favorite charts and themes of the year from the weekly report, including the charts that worked (and those that didn't work), charts to watch in 2017, the "people's choice" charts, and a few fun charts at the end. The 2017 charts to watch will probably be of particular interest - for a country like Australia, we're often at the mercy of the US dollar both in terms of how it impacts on the AUDUSD (and issues like economic rebalancing, tourism and export competitiveness), but also in terms of how it impacts on commodities and our big emerging market trading partners. The two charts below offer some food for thought on that particular issue, and a bit of a preview of the report... Best wishes for the holiday season, and best of luck in 2017!


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