australian small caps

Harley Grosser

I wrote about 5G Networks (5GN) back in December. Since then the company has entered the Data Centre market, raised $8m and a number of new funds have joined the register. So it is worth an update on what is happening at 5GN and where things might be heading from here. Melbourne... Show More

Tim Boreham

One value-seeking investor recently proposed a daring mission for Criterion which, naturally, your intrepid columnist chose to accept: identify a handful of small cap stocks with reliable earnings and dividends, trading on an earnings multiple of ten times or less and a yield of more than 5 percent.Given that excludes... Show More

Marni Lysaght

The current Reporting Season of August 2018 has left some investors surprised, some disappointed and some delighted. As Reporting Season nears completion, a name falling into the category of delight has been that of People Infrastructure, beating prospectus forecasts and consensus expectations, with management guiding to further growth in FY19.... Show More

Brian Thomas

Real estate agents rarely say that property is not a great investment and small cap managers tend to highlight the benefits of investing today in smaller companies that will grow to be the successful behemoth companies over the next decade. In addition, we have the academic claims of higher long... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Finding the next a2 Milk is no easy task; there’s no sure-fire way of identifying which stock will go up 500%+. However, each year there are a number of small caps that at least double, and these stocks have some defining features that investors can look for. Show More

Clime Asset Management

With reporting season now behind us we have gained a more complete picture of how all of our portfolio holdings have performed for the first half of 2018. While some have disappointed relative to expectations, there were two standout small-caps within the technology space that comfortably exceeded forecasts. Here we... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

At this time of year, it's only natural to spend some additional time reviewing broader market expectations for the year ahead and how that might impact current portfolio positioning or expected returns for Australian small and mid-cap investors going forward. We certainly enter the 2018 year at an interesting point... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

May 2017 marked the first month since September 2016 that the Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index outperformed large caps. Livewire reached out to six small cap specialists to ask: “Is this a turning point”? The consensus seems, with some terms and conditions, to be: “Yes”. Read on for responses from Wilson... Show More