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The Rules of Investing: Valuation with Roger Montgomery

Livewire Exclusive

In the first edition of Livewire’s new podcast, The Rules of Investing, we take a deep dive into one of the most important concepts in investing, valuation. Our guest this week is Roger Montgomery, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. Show More

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The Power of Valuations

NAOS Asset Management

Investors often talk about the potential for companies to grow earnings and the effect this has on a company’s value over the long term. We would argue that factors which may contribute to a price earnings (P/E) multiple re-rating can be even more powerful as a valuation tool. The following... Show More

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The Monash four-point valuation checklist

Monash Investors Pty Limited

The single best way to generate strong returns is to identify stocks that are trading a long way from their fair price. This not only generates better results, but also creates a margin of safety that helps us hit our 80% success rate benchmark. As our objective at Monash Investors... Show More