Monash Investors Pty Limited

Reading between the lines of company guidance can reveal a great deal, explains Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors. “Ardent Leisure’s Main Event business in the United States provides family entertainment centres with bowling, rock climbing, etc. Ardent bought this business when there were only five centres in Texas and... Show More

Assessing management is one of the more difficult tasks investors face. In recent years, research has identified three quantifiable factors that influence company performance: CEO remuneration, gender equality at a board/executive level, and family/founder ownership. Global index provider MSCI recently released a report stating that “companies with lower total summary... Show More

Fidelity International

Paul Taylor, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Australian Equities Fund, says that he builds conviction in company management over time. Taylor listens intently to what management teams promise and then tracks them to establish if they are delivering on their plans. “Have they delivered on what they said they were... Show More

A life-cycle change company is one undergoing a positive, transformational change in their business model. Brandon Geisler, Portfolio Manager at Marsico Capital Management, says that they like to look for companies that have had a change of management, or a significant change in the nature of their operating business. When... Show More

Patrick Poke

It’s been a fairly quiet week on Australian markets, but with the US rates decision next week, could it be the calm before the storm? Only time will tell. For investors in iron ore stocks, it has been a volatile week, closing up a massive 18.6% on Monday, then dropping... Show More

Hugh Dive

Investors are constantly forced to assess the sustainability of company business models when looking at adding new stocks to their portfolios or critically evaluating the companies that they currently own. Indeed, an institutional investor may be exposed to the management teams from several hundred companies in any given year. Amongst... Show More

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Bloomberg writes that “11 of the 15 non-financial U.S. companies that spent the most on buybacks last year base part of CEO pay on earnings per share or total shareholder return, or both. And these metrics get a boost when businesses return cash to investors. Linking compensation to buybacks and... Show More