Kerry Craig

McDonalds’ McRib is a barbecue-flavoured, pork-based sandwich that was first introduced to customers in the 1980s and is made available for only a very brief period each year. For fast-food fans, the tangy but elusive sandwich has a cult like status and has spawned many dedicated McRib locator websites, just... Show More

Chris Watling

Structurally, Australia’s growth model has been deteriorating for most of the past two decades and is now arguably one of the poorer examples in the developed world. In the years of the last commodity bull cycle, instead of saving in its ‘times of plenty’, Australia funded a large consumption and... Show More

Callum Thomas

Just wanted to quickly share this chart - it shows consumer sentiment across developed and emerging economies (GDP weighted) using the Reuters/Ipsos Consumer Sentiment Indexes. The chart (from my latest report) shows a clear trend towards new highs in consumer confidence for developed economies, and while emerging markets stumbled in... Show More

Matt Haupt, Portfolio Manager at Wilson Asset Management, says that he expects more downgrades to be announced on the ASX in the coming months. Since Malcolm Turnbull raised the possibility of an early election they’ve seen softness in the consumer sector. He raises retail as a particular concern of his.... Show More

Fidelity International

This term, which sounds silly taken literally, acknowledges the importance of the US consumer to the global economy ever since the US became the world’s largest economy in 1916. US GDP is about 68% consumption, which is a bigger number than for other large economies. Chinese consumers, for instance, only... Show More

PM Capital

There are 3 major areas of the economy PM CAPITAL watch closely, says Portfolio Manager Uday Cheruvu: industrial, consumer and services. The industrial sector is indicating a slight slowdown, but not a recession. Consumers are spending, and they’re growing their spending - they’re starting to spend their oil savings. He... Show More

Scott Krisiloff and his team at Avondale Asset Management read dozens of transcripts from earnings calls in the US in order to get a sense for what’s happening in the ‘real economy’. This week, the message has been that despite problems in resources and European banks, the US consumer is... Show More