Chris Rands

In part one of this deep-dive, we analysed the economic impact a demographic headwind can have using Japan as a case in point. In part two, we looked at how an ageing population can impact government debt. To conclude this series, we discuss the impact demographics may have on inflation,... Show More

Chris Rands

In 2011 a dramatic shift occurred throughout the developed world — working-age populations began a multi-decade decline. Demographic shifts in an economy like this can have profound effects on economic factors, leading to changes in growth and debt metrics. This three-part series explores: Show More


Making accurate predictions is hard, especially about the future. Chris Rands, Portfolio Manager at Nikko Asset Management, says that he likes to focus on demographics when trying to forecast what people will be doing in the future. “When you try to forecast what somebody would be doing, their age is a... Show More

There are few long-term investing themes as powerful as demographic trends, and the rise of Millennials as the biggest cohort of consumers is a prime example. We sat down with Will Low, Head of Global equities at Nikko Asset Management, who believes the market is yet to understand just how... Show More

Over the last 30 years, the financialisation of the world, combined with falling bond yields, has created amazing returns for investors positioned to benefit. Peter Cooper, Chief Investment Officer at Cooper Investors, says there’s a similar opportunity for investors over the coming decades; the ageing global population. Show More

Chris Rands

The narrative we see at the moment is for a US-led, global recovery. However, the U.S. economy is at 2% inflation and 2% growth. Both times we had these conditions in recent years, growth fell away very quickly. Here we look at a major headwind that could see this pattern... Show More

Andrew Macken

The following is an extract from a note that was recently sent to investors in the Montaka Global Fund. There is a significant change in demographics that is currently taking place in many regions of the world. The world is aging. Whether in the United States, Australia, Western Europe, China... Show More

James Maydew

Global listed real estate has been enjoying a favourable outlook, supported by historically-low interest rates and improving economic sentiment. Here are three themes that we’re expecting to perform particularly well during the year due to their exposure to long-term secular growth trends. Show More

Mary Manning, Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI), is drawn to the growth opportunities available in India. She explains that many of the challenges facing Australian industries are the reverse in India, creating powerful tailwinds. This short video highlights three ways Mary is investing in India’s stunning growth outlook. Show More