Livewire reporting August 2018

Growth at a reasonable price with Downer

Tom Richardson

With the release of its full-year result for FY18, Downer has delivered on its earnings guidance for the seventh consecutive year. Its ability to do this in a volatile sector highlights the breadth of the business and strength of the Company’s management team. It also adds weight to the company’s... Show More

ASX:DOW Livewire reporting August 2018

The elephant in the room for JB Hifi

Prasad Patkar

In reviewing JB Hifi's results and discussing the 'elephant in the room', it is worth reflecting on how the company has evolved over the years since listing in 2003. Show More

ASX:JBH Livewire reporting August 2018

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Good prospects for James Hardie in the medium-term

Matthew Haupt

James Hardie released its FY2018 profit figures today with the market slightly disappointed by the result. While Chairman Michael Hammes noted the Company needs to increase its traction to hit its FY2019 target, the result was impacted by three key things. Show More

ASX:JHX Livewire reporting August 2018

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Aventus: What the market is overlooking

Pete Morrissey

Aventus Retail Property Fund offers a quality, active management team that is consistently seeking to maximise returns from a well-diversified portfolio of assets valued at almost $2b. A 7%+ distribution yield sourced from defensive income is attractive to yield-focused investors. We cover the key takeouts here from today's announcement, and... Show More

ASX:AVN Livewire reporting August 2018

A weaker property market is good for REA

Roger Montgomery

Today's results from REA were in-line with consensus expectations demonstrating the well-known and widely-articulated platform’s ability to grow and raise prices. However, we think there are several things the market has yet to price in, as we outline here. Show More

domain ASX:REA ASX:DHG Livewire reporting August 2018

News Corp: Approaching an inflection point

Marcus Bogdan

News Corp, the global diversified media and digital real estate services company, today reported financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended 30 June 2018. We've pulled out the key highlights here, and share our view of the stock. Show More

ASX:NWS ASX:REA Livewire reporting August 2018

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Could Baby Bunting be the Adairs of FY19?

Robert Frost

Baby Bunting (BBN) released an upbeat FY 2018 result earlier this morning, which was a welcome relief to investors who had endured a difficult year following unprecedented structural change in the baby goods industry, with many of the company’s key competitors entering administration. This led to a wave of heavy... Show More

ASX:ADH Baby Bunting ASX:BBN Livewire reporting August 2018

Suncorp: A new dawn rises

James Gerrish

Suncorp (SUN) have reported their FY 2018 results this morning with a number of clear takeaways. This was a stronger result than expected pretty much across the board, and the share price has responded. Show More

ASX:SUN Livewire reporting August 2018

CBA: Much, much better than expected

Hugh Dive

Normally the semi-annual profit results from the Commonwealth Bank are fairly staid affairs, with the bank delivering consistent profits with few surprises. However, this reporting season the CBA result will face a far greater degree of scrutiny after the annus horribilis of 2018. Show More

Resmed: Our 3 key takeaways

Michael Wayne

Medical device manufacturer and distributor ResMed Inc delivered their full-year result today. We highlight our three key takeaways from the report, share our view on the stock and focus on something that we feel the market has underappreciated. Show More

Rio: A bit of a mood killer

James Gerrish

Rio Tinto (RIO) reported 1H 2018 results after market with a number of clear takeaways. This was a weaker than expected result pretty much across the board from an 8% miss on the top line down to a 4% miss at the EBITDA level and a lower than expected dividend. Show More

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Give credit where credit's due

Chris Prunty

The remarkable track-record of Australia’s largest listed debt buyer makes Credit Corp worthy of attention. Following today's FY18 results announcement, we share our view on the stock, which we think deserves more credit from the market. Show More

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